Carb Overload

I love me some carbs!!!

That’s bolillo (aka mexican style french bread), its freakin’ amazing!  Not so amazing is the aftermath.  Anyone and everyone I talk to who has successfully lost weight tell me they did it by cutting/reducing the white stuff (aka sugars and carbs).  I know its true, its worked for me.  But I hate partying with my fluffly friends.

The BF is away for a couple of weeks on a business trip to Asia so this is the perfect opportunity to go carb free.

No extremes here, just want to reduce the amount of carbs I eat daily (which is lots).  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Any personal experience with the above?  Am I going to go into serious withdrawal? No, for real…



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Frozen Yogurt Craze

Ok I kinda get it.  This is good stuff, is it $7 worth of good stuff?  I wouldn’t go that far.

I saved half of it to go home, no not because I couldn’t eat it all.  Because I felt the need to make my $7 last at least two days.  Go ahead and laugh.  FYI, this was the small size.

Love how we get suckered into paying ridiculous amounts for “reinventions”.  Milk & sugar; water & coffee beans…

Hey, I didn’t say I wasn’t one of those suckers.

Anyways, they tell me this frozen yogurt is a much healthier alternative to ice cream.  I’ll take it.

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My brain is fried, and its only Monday.  Sunday started with a little jog ok it was more like long periods of walking with random running in between.  Hey I was enjoying the scenery.

There’s a nice paved trail near my place, love it but I only go when I know lots of people will be there (weekends) or if I have a buddy.  There’s been a few scary incidents, so better safe than sorry!

Afterwards, the boy and I  headed  to my favorite brunch place, J. Christophers.  I had this egg/potato skillet.  I know it looks kinda gross but it was delicious.

There were a ton of people eating brunch sporting their Publix Georgia half-marathon and marathon finisher medals.   Made me a little jealous 

I want these paintings.

and while we’re at it, I want this chair too.

You can’t see from the photo, but the chair seat is made from coca-cola bottle caps.  How perfect is that!  I love funky furniture.

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What a week!  I’m doing the happy friday dance.

The bf and I ( I need a clever code name) went out to celebrate last night.  All the usual places were out, too busy since it was St. Patty’s day and we were starving. We ended up at Cinco.

Its a trendy mexican restaurant about five minutes from my place.  I thought it was new but the waitress informed us they’ve been open for over a year!  Now I’m not a huge fan of tex-mex food (which is what most mexican restaurants serve).  I’m mexican, I eat mexican food ALL the time…so when I go out I want something different!  Can you blame me?

The food was actually really good!  I had the chicken green enchiladas.

Ha! I started eating and then I realized I should probably take a photo (I’m such a blogging newbie).  The boy had a yummy skirt steak, it came with a chile relleno.  Very authentic!

and we had to celebrate St. Patrick’s…

No beer here, I can never turn down a margarita (or two).  Is it sad that I could definitely feel those margaritas the next morning? I’m getting old!!!

Enjoy your weekend folks!


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Calories In Calories Out

Hi all, hope you’re enjoying the weekend!  I started my Friday with some of this:

I used to travel a bunch and would have Starbucks at least once a day, sometimes more.  Until I got a yearly summary of my credit card transactions (OUCH!)…so I had to wean myself off the $4+ drinks.  I still treat myself at the end of the week.

I’ve been making small healthy changes (like giving up soda), but I feel like I need to step it up a bit.  I absolutely despise calorie counting, but I know it works!!!

I found this handy app MyFitnessPal


I love how easy it is to use.  I tracked my food this past week and ummmm yeah I thought I was eating very reasonably…NOT so my friends.  I can’t believe the amount of calories I’m eating each day, specially on the weekends.  So for this upcoming week, I want to aim for my  recommended calorie range.  I want to start seeing some progress!

Do you calorie count?  I know some people really love the control it provides or are you like me and can’t stand it?


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Back to it

How is it already Monday?  My week off work flew by, even i I was studying having a flexible schedule was so nice!  Now back to this:

My office looks so depressing (hydration is key people!).

To say I am stressed is an understatement.  I’ve got school, work, and now the dreaded GRE to worry about.  When I’m overwhelmed, all I want to do is curl up on the couch with some ice cream and watch trash reality t.v.  But I’m trying to change that!  I did not have time for they gym today but I was able to go a nice long walk (with my flashcards of course).  Small changes right?  This took some serious coordination, clearly I need to master the self-portrait.

How do you balance life/work/fun when things get hectic?

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No Fun

Good news:  I took this week off from work!  Bad news: it wasn’t to go on a nice beach vacation it was to do this…

I have to take the GRE this month (eeeks)…its my own fault for putting it off for so long.  But still it sucks!!!  Not only do I have to be tortured for 4+ hours, I have to also hand over $160 what???  At least I have a nice coffee shop to study at right?  Trying to stay positive folks.

Ok, enough complaining and back to those analogies and angles.  I like how my study guide assumes I know/remember a lot more than I really do…obtuse angles anyone how about isosceles triangles?

P.S. I just figured out how to use my photo booth app, impressive!  I’m pretty sure the dude sitting next to me thinks I’m loosing it.

Has anybody else taking the GRE recently?  Any study/survival tips?

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